Pomiar fizjologiczny w badaniu wewnątrzsklepowych zachowań nabywców

Bartłomiej Pierański


The main aim of this book thesis was to determine the usefulness of physiological measurement in explaining the impact on consumer behaviour of the in-store environment. The work adopts a hypothetical-deductive approach, which means that the literature discussion and the research concept are based on existing research in the subject area under consideration. Adopting such an approach and embedding the research within the framework of behavioural economics have contributed to the interdisciplinary nature of the thesis. The deliberations contained in this work relate to both, economics and psychology, particularly environmental psychology. Additionally, where this was necessary for a proper understanding of the measurements, reference was made to field of physiology. The research procedure was based on the Mehrabian-Russell model, and was used to discuss the impact of such in-store factors as lighting and music on the behaviour of consumers. The research process made use of triangulation. Literature studies were conducted to determine the current state of knowledge in the area under consideration, and an experiment was selected as a method for collecting primary data. In the experimental procedure in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible natural conditions (i.e. the in-store space), the research was conducted in a laboratory which was designed and modelled as a self-service store selling principally food products as well as household items. A two-group post-test-only experimental design was used. Two experimental procedures were conducted: one focused on music and the other one on lighting. Physiological reactions were recorded by means of two measuring devices. The first one was a mobile eyetracker, which was used to collect data on the visual attention of the participants. The second device was a data acquisition and analysis system, which was used to measure electrodermal activity.
Other language title versionsPhysiological measurement in the study of in-store consumer behaviour
Book typeMonograph
Author Bartłomiej Pierański (WZ / KHiM)
Bartłomiej Pierański,,
- Department of Trade and Marketing
PublisherPoznań University of Economics and Business Press (Wydawnictwo UEP), MNiSW [80] [Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu]
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Issue year2019
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Keywords in Polishzachowania wewnątrzsklepowe nabywców, pomiar fizjologiczny, okulografia, aktywność elektrodermalna, eksperyment laboratoryjny
Keywords in Englishin-store consumer behaviour, physiological measurement, eye-tracking, electrodermal activity, laboratory experiment
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