Application of New Technologies by Retail Banks in the Context of the Knowledge Economy

Bożena Frączek , Małgorzata Kieżel , Magdalena Stefańska


Appropriate transformation of knowledge resources of a specific entity and its environment, contributes to obtaining of permanent value for customers, employees and improvement of the competitive position of the bank. The scope of application of modern technologies by polish retail banks in the process of shaping the offer, its delivery and communication is developing very dynamically. IT society is important determinant of implementation of new technologies by retail banks. It is determined by further popularization of modern mobile technologies and the development of users’ preferences. It should be noted that the current consumers belong to the generation that has an everyday contact with new technologies, which are a part of their daily life. For example in 2016, 80.4% of households in Poland had access to the Internet, including 75.7% ‐ of those with broadband access. Some results of research conducted among bank customers are presented beneath. The purpose of the research was to identify attitudes towards innovative products implemented by banks with the use of modern technologies. The features of the bank's innovation, in the opinion of the respondents are: the application of electronic and mobile banking and security. Asresearch shows, firstly security, followed by a lower price and growth of the comfort of use are the factorsthat encourage the customersto use innovative solutions in banking. Most important barriers limit the use of innovative banking solutions are the costs that occur together with products based on advanced technologies, risk that raises fears of using new unverified services and the lack of information and knowledge about new banking products. Many respondents are satisfied with previousservices and they do not feel the need of using innovative solutions.
Autor Bożena Frączek - Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach, MNiSW [80]
Bożena Frączek
, Małgorzata Kieżel - Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach
Małgorzata Kieżel
, Magdalena Stefańska (WZ / KSM)
Magdalena Stefańska
- Katedra Strategii Marketingowych
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Książka Tomé Eduardo, Neumann Gaby, Knežević Blaženka (red.): Proceedings of the International Conference Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy TAKE 2017, 2017, Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb, ISBN 978-989-20-7714-7, 739 s.
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimNew Technologies, Retail Banks, Knowledge Economy, Information Society
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