Managing, Searching and Accessing Iot Devices Via Rest Resources

Jarogniew Rykowski


In this paper a new method is proposed for management of REST-based services acting as proxies for Internet-of-Things devices. The method is based on a novel way of monitoring REST resources by hierarchical set of directories, with the possibility of smart searching for “the best” device according to atthe-place devices’ availability and functionality, overall context (including geo-location), and personal preferences. The system is resistant to changes of network addresses of the devices and their services, as well as core system points such as directories. Thus, we successfully deal with the problem of (dis)connectivity and mobility of network nodes, and the problem of a “newcomer” device trying to connect to the network at an incidental place/time. Main novelty of the approach is a summary of three basic achievements. Firstly, the system introduces unifying tools for efficient monitoring. On one hand, we may control an availability and load (statistics) of devices/services. On the other hand, we are able to search for “the best” device/service with different criteria, also formulated ad-hoc and personalized. Secondly, the system is resistant to sudden changes of network topology and connections (basically IP addressing), and frequent disconnections of any system element, including core nodes such as central directories. As a result, we may have a common view to the whole system at any time/place and with respect to its current state, even if the elements of the system are distributed across a wider area. Thirdly, any element of the system, from simple devices to global directories, is able to self-adjust to evolving parameters of the environment (including other devices as a part of this environment). In particular, it is possible for a mobile “newcomer” device to interact with the system at any place and time without a need for prior installation, re-programming, determination of actual parameters, etc. The presented approach is a coherent all-in-one solution to basic problems related with efficient usage of IoT devices and services, well suited to the hardware- and software-restricted world of Internet of Things and Services. Fully implemented, the system is now being applied for an “intelligent” home and workplace with user-centric e-comfort management.
Autor Jarogniew Rykowski (WIiGE / KTI)
Jarogniew Rykowski
- Katedra Technologii Informacyjnych
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiInternational Journal of Computer Networks & Communications, ISSN 0975-2293, e-ISSN 0974-9322, (0 pkt)
Rok wydania2015
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Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimInternet of Things, Representational State Transfer, directories, orchestration, complex and virtual devices
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