Multi-criteria approach to the valorization of public spaces

Sławomir Palicki , Monika Matusiak


The interdisciplinary nature of public spaces and the problems in measuring many types of their values and all of the associated benefits make it difficult to compare different types of land use planning on the basis of specific data. Accepted ideas about the benefits and the value generated by the public spaces are mostly qualitative in nature and are often considered to be difficult to measure. Such a situation leads to disregarding or depreciating its relevance when making investment decisions. This paper presents a new approach to the role of public spaces and proposes a method of measuring different aspects of their values, including social, economic, architectural and cultural factors. Frequent lack of awareness of the role of proper management of public spaces among the authorities and the users of the urban space leads to the allocation of the spatial functions far from the social optimum and reducing the quantity and the quality of public spaces in cities. The paper concentrates on the identification of the benefits generated by public spaces and the values associated with them, their division into groups and using the tools from the field of multi-criteria analysis (D-sight software) to simultaneously assess the different values of various types of public spaces for different communities/stakeholders The analysis was implemented in the selected types of public spaces in major Polish cities, grouped according to their function. The results show a distinct set of values for each of the spaces analysed, with historic city squares coming closest to the ideal type of urban public spaces.
Autor Sławomir Palicki (WZ / KIiN)
Sławomir Palicki
- Katedra Inwestycji i Nieruchomości
, Monika Matusiak (WZ / KEPiŚ)
Monika Matusiak
- Katedra Ekonomiki Przestrzennej i Środowiskowej
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Książka Bieda Agnieszka, Bydłosz Jarosław, Kowalczyk Anna (red.): Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition GIS ODYSSEY 2016. Conference Proceedings, 2016, Croatian Information Technology Society – GIS Forum, ISBN 978-953-6129-55-3, 298 s.
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimpublic spaces, value; valorization, multi-criteria analysis
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