The innovative tool for social housing provision and management in Poland – Social rental agencies

Katarzyna Suszyńska


Although there is a heated debate on the shortage of social housing in Poland, little has been done to mitigate the problem and counterbalance market inequalities. The aim of the paper is to explore the novel tool within social housing policy and management aimed at making access to cheap rental housing easier, i.e. social rental agencies (SRAs) acting as intermediaries between private landlords and vulnerable households. The paper is theory and literature-based. It outlines and researches the concept and features of SRAs as introduced by other European countries. The main research question is to find out whether these institutions should be employed in the process of improving the existing social housing system in Poland. In order to meet the principal objective of the paper, the author: 1) reviews recent housing situation in Poland affecting the need for affordable housing provision, 2) presents definitions of SRAs and provide an overview of their functioning, and 3) makes an attempt to evaluate the possibility to use the tool to expand the existing social housing stock. Although the institutions have long been recognized in many European countries, in Poland SRAs are practically unknown. Only a few non-profit and small-scale initiatives based on SRA model have been observed so far. However, due to the recent promotion of the tool by a non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity, the scale of existing programmes has gained potential to be expanded. As a result SRAs can offer a relatively low-cost solution to address housing needs and enlarge the stock of social housing.
Autor Katarzyna Suszyńska (WZ / KIiN)
Katarzyna Suszyńska
- Katedra Inwestycji i Nieruchomości
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiEconomic and Managerial Spectrum, ISSN 1337-0839, e-ISSN 2585-7258, (0 pkt)
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