Marketing in Online Sales Funnels

Andrzej Szymkowiak


Digital marketing creates conditions in which mass communication can be personalized based on individual consumer behaviour. Compared to the activities of sellers initiating direct contact, online advertising can take on a neutral and natural character. It can be a response to customer needs, shape them through awareness. Data on customer behaviour on the entrepreneur’s website or in relation to information sent by the company are an important source for marketing activities. Such actions may spontaneously affect the consumer at all decision stages or complement sales activities, providing knowledge about consumer preferences. The practical implications of the mechanisms described above can be translated into the design of consumer experience, taking into account the gradual desire to buy. The four phases indicated are only a general structure, which may consist of numerous elements. Adjustment and assessment of effectiveness can be made by the percentage of people who have passed to the next level of sale funnel. The presented article also prompts further research on the assessment of the legitimacy of the use of various tools at different levels and for different purposes. In addition, it is worth referring the research to various categories of products or services and taking into account the characteristics of the target group.
Autor Andrzej Szymkowiak (WZ / KHiM)
Andrzej Szymkowiak
- Katedra Handlu i Marketingu
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Książka Pietrzykowski Maciej (red.): Fostering Entrepreneurial and Sales Competencies in Higher Education, 2019, Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, ISBN 978-83-7986-280-1, 150 s., DOI:10.12657/9788379862801
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Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimsales funnel, online marketing, consumer behaviour, AIDA
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