Sukcesja w firmach imigrantów ormiańskich – wyniki badań

Dariusz Nowak , Gor Martirosyan


Succession is one of the most important problems that most family businesses will have to face in the near future. Despite many issues, dilemmas and difficulties to be solved, the process in domestic companies seems to be relatively easy, especially in case when the successor is a close or distant member of the family. The situation is completely different in enterprises established and run by immigrants. In many cases their business is much smaller, focusing on domains that do not require significant capital or rare resources. The dominating activity is based on trade, brokering or providing simple services. One of the most specific groups of immigrants is the Armenian community, considered by most of the host societies as extremely diligent, active, persistently striving for a set goal. The last big wave of Armenian migration to Poland took place in the early 1990s which means that this group of entrepreneurs will also have to deal with the issue of succession. The aim of the paper is to present the results of the study on the problems and prospects associated with the succession in companies run by the Armenians. It is worth noting that the survey was based on a sample of 130 enterprises (out of around 600 ones operating in Poland) run by the Armenians. It was carried out in 2018, mainly in the form of a direct interview in Armenian
Author Dariusz Nowak (WZ / KZAZP)
Dariusz Nowak,,
, Gor Martirosyan (WZ)
Gor Martirosyan,,
- Faculty of Management
Other language title versionsSuccession in Armenian Immigrant Firms – Research Results
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Book Marjański Andrzej, Sułkowski Łukasz (eds.): Firmy rodzinne - uwarunkowania rozwoju, Studia i Monografie - Społeczna Akademia Nauk w Łodzi, no. 92, 2019, Społeczna Akademia Nauk, ISBN 978-83-64971-62-4, 371 p.
Keywords in Polishbiznes rodzinny, zarządzanie sukcesją, dziedziczenie, imigracja ormiańska, przedsiębiorczość
Keywords in English family business, management succession, inheritance, emigration of Armenians, entrepreneurship
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