Polish local governments’ budget in the face of the reform of the education system

Aneta Kaczyńska


This article aims at presenting and analysing the reform of Polish education system which is going to influence local governments’ (municipal) budgets. Regulations that are still in force until September 2017 have been applicable since 1999 and affected the structure and the amount of expenditures. Municipalities have been responsible for providing education of schoolchildren aged 7 to 16 in primary schools and lower secondary schools . After the reform that is going to take place municipal budgets will be eased by one year of school children since municipalities will be obliged to establish and run primary schools of eight years (children aged 7 to 15). In spite of receiving grants fro m the central budget that are dependent, among others, on the number of children in schools, this change will undoubtedly influence municipal expenditures. It is because almost every municipality must use its own resources to cover all educational expenses since grants obtained from the central budget are insufficient. The financial situation of municipalities’ after September 2017 will be more complex because of the obligation of implementing new regulations that will affect municipal budgets. Therefore, t he main purpose of this article is to present and co trast old and new regulations, the system of financing the education and financial problems arising from the reform. The paper also aims at formulating some recommendations regarding the new law of financ ing education in Poland which will be issued in 2018.
Autor Aneta Kaczyńska (WE / KFP)
Aneta Kaczyńska
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Książka Global Academic Institute : GAI International Academic Conferences Proceedings : 2017 , 2017, Global Academic Institute , ISBN 978-0-9965808-7-8, 202 s.
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimfinancing education, the reform of the Polish education system, Polish local government
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