Changes in students’ choice determinants in Poland: a comparative study of tertiary business education between 2008 and 2013

Bogdan Sojkin , Paweł Bartkowiak , Agnieszka Skuza


For the last 20 years Polish education faced turbulent changes, first experiencing a rapid increase in the number of students and the dynamic growth of educational institutions, and then facing the reverse trend of decreasing number of students and universities being closed down or facing serious financial problems. Furthermore, forecasts for the next 10 years predict that most of the non-public universities in Poland will experience serious problems to survive in the market. Facing new challenges, universities changed the way they think about their students and the customer-oriented approach became the dominant management imperative for most of them. Ability to understand the reasons behind students tertiary education decisions emerged as a key issue in increasing enrollments. Predicting students choice determinants may be however more difficult than expected as those choices are dynamic and might change over time. While the literature on the university choice factors is growing, still little is evidenced with regard to the dynamism of the tertiary education decision making process and this article is aimed to contribute to filling this gap. We identified that both aspects of students decision making process—pursuing tertiary education and the choice of the particular university—are a subject of change over time and might be conditioned on economic, social and demographic changes of the given market.
Autor Bogdan Sojkin (WT / KMP)
Bogdan Sojkin
- Katedra Marketingu Produktu
, Paweł Bartkowiak (WZ / KZS)
Paweł Bartkowiak
- Katedra Zarządzania Strategicznego
, Agnieszka Skuza (WT / KMP)
Agnieszka Skuza
- Katedra Marketingu Produktu
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiHigher Education, ISSN 0018-1560, (A 35 pkt)
Rok wydania2015
Objętość publikacji w arkuszach wydawniczych0.75
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimeducational choices, higher education, gender differences
Klasyfikacja ASJC3304 Education
Języken angielski
Punktacja (całkowita)35
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PunktacjaPunktacja MNiSW = 30.0, 07-01-2020, ArticleFromJournal
Punktacja MNiSW (2013-2016) = 35.0, 07-01-2020, ArticleFromJournal
Wskaźniki publikacji Cytowania WoS = 8; Scopus SNIP (Source Normalised Impact per Paper): 2015 = 2.159; Impact Factor WoS: 2015 = 1.207 (2) - 2015=1.731 (5)
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