Between care and justice : David Hume’s Accounts of Sympathy

Krzysztof Durczak , Maciej Ławrynowicz


The chapter is divided into five sections. Firstly, we discuss the notion of sympathy in general terms and emphasize the role of sympathetic concern in relations with either close or distant others. Secondly, we elaborate on the relational constitution of the individual that underlies the virtue of caring in proximate relations (Baier, 1991), where the idea of self emerges as an object to human consciousness in a double bind of recognition with the other. In the third section, we explain how the self which arises from such relations continues to proceed across time even apart from them, using Lorenzo Greco’s argument (2015) that human life in Hume’s terms is best considered as a narrative. Subsequently, we discuss how stories objectify moral sentiments as truths of a more general relevance, and account for constructing the conventions of justice. In the fourth section, we argue that both the virtue of caring for a particular other and adhering to the general rules, which shall address the good of all and hence no one in particular, stem from sympathetic concern. In the last section, we use an example from an ethnographic study of the organisation of a military field hospital in Afghanistan (De Rond, 2017) to illustrate how enacting the virtue of justice without care for the particular other might account for a bitter ridicule to the moral good of a fellow-being and justice itself. In conclusion, we paraphrase Annette Baier’s reflection that indeed both virtues: justice and care, may be needed equally to cover all the bases in addressing morally significant issues in contemporary organisations.
Autor Krzysztof Durczak (WE / KPiPS)
Krzysztof Durczak
- Katedra Pracy i Polityki Społecznej
, Maciej Ławrynowicz (WE / KPiPS)
Maciej Ławrynowicz
- Katedra Pracy i Polityki Społecznej
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Książka Fotaki Marianna, Islam Gazi, Antoni Anne (red.): Business Ethics and Care in Organizations, 2020, Routledge, ISBN 9780367140601, 306 s., DOI:10.4324/9780429029943
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